MSK Forge


During our steel and aluminium forging production in our facility in Karacabey Bursa, 5. Km Bursa Road, we attach importance not only to the results of our work but also to how these results are obtained.

With the Environmental Management System, we aim to control the negative effects that our activities may cause on the environment and human health.

MSK Forge | Environmental Production
MSK Forge | Environmental Production
MSK Forge | Environmental Production
MSK Forge | Environmental Production
MSK Forge

In line with this purpose;

  • To fulfill the requirements of environmental laws and other requirements,
  • To prefer the use of all kinds of finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials that can be recycled,
  • To use natural resources in the most efficient way through sustainable resource management by protecting the environment and reducing waste and energy consumption in line with the Environmental Goals and Targets set each year,
  • To increase the use of renewable energy by adopting sustainable production management and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Protect water quality, consumption and access to clean water for future generations,
  • Chemical materials management and accounting for the entire life cycle of chemicals, including their use, storage and disposal,
  • To increase and raise awareness of environmental responsibility from top management to the lowest unit by providing environmental training to all our employees,
  • Communicate with all stakeholders and share information when necessary,
  • To take precautions against possible emergencies that may threaten the environment,
  • To improve the environmental conditions in the working environment and to carry out activities to continuously improve the Environmental Management System,

We are committed.